Second Banana


天満駅と南森町駅の間にあるおしゃれカフェが多くて、大人気の天満エレアに「セカンド バナナ」という60年代のアメリカにイメージされてるカフェとDIY商品店があります。「セカンド バナナ」は「ニューヨークチキングリル」と素敵な「コバト工場」の真上の2階があります。

‘Second Banana’ or in full ‘COFFEE COUNTER SECOND BANANA’ is an American ‘from the 60s themed’ do it yourself goods shop and cafe combined, located in the heart of the Tenma district between Tenma Station and Minami Morimachi Station.

Located in the very popular and trendy cafes district between Tenma Station and Minami Morimachi Station is ‘Second Banana’, a combination of cafe and vintage style goods shop that has arguably one of the most original cafe interiors in Osaka yet with it’s 60’s American style interior. The cafe is located on the second floor above New York Chicken Grill and the cute Cobato Factory.


The entrance of Second Banana shouldn’t be hard to find with it’s big sign above the door that says ‘coffee’ in big white letters on a bright red background. The big black staircase leads up to the entrance of the shop. Upon entering the cafe you will be welcomed by a crowded and cozy interior surrounded with all sorts of vintage American goods from the 60s and numerous plants that add to the cozyness.


The cafe uses a variety of recycled chairs and tables but also offers counterseats with a view over the street outside. There are some antique toys around the shop that can be fiddled with while you are waiting for your order and in the back of the cafe you can find the shop where you can buy some of the goods that include: door handles, water taps, vynil records, lamps and other cute vintage goods.


If you want some different style of interior and want to travel back in time this cafe is definitely recommended.

店名 セカンド バナナ
電話番号 06-6242-0877
住所 大阪府大阪市北区天満3-4-22 日宝岩井ビル 2F
営業時間 [月~金]



定休日 水曜日
最寄駅 堺筋線 南森町駅
他の駅 谷町線 天満橋駅
禁煙 完全禁煙

堺筋線 南森町駅 4B番出口からのアクセス

谷町線 天満橋駅2番出口からのアクセス

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