再び京都のお出かけ!今回は関西の一番人気チェーン店「School Bus Coffee Stop」を訪れています。「School Bus Coffee Stop京都店」。

2018年11月にオープンした、School Bus Coffee Stop京都店はSchool Busリフォーム専門会社の2店舗目です。School Bus Coffee Stop北浜店はスタイリッシュなインテリアと大人気の優しいラテアートプロのバリスタさん「marihooo22 and michelle_coffeestop」でまだまだものすごく「世界中レベル」人気です。



School Busリフォーム事務所が奥にありますがカフェの音をおさまるためにカフェの中にスペースがガラスバリアで分かれてます。京都店には植物がデビューしていますし、北浜店と同じにカウンター席でSchool Busのアイコニックなテーブルランプが置いてあります。本棚もありますけど、北浜の本棚よりメインじゃないからもっと小さいです。

School Busリフォーム会社はまた素敵なカフェが出来ました。ただ、また何回も行きたいからもっと便利な場所にあったらいいなと思っています。

We are back in Kyoto! This time we are visiting one of the most popular cafe chains in Kansai, ‘School Bus Coffee Stop’. The Kyoto edition.

Opened in November 2018, School Bus Coffee Stop Kyoto is the second cafe of the School Bus renovation company. Their first shop School Bus Coffee Stop Kitahama is STILL a huge success due to it’s stylish interior (OshareOsaka’s number 1 Interior Design winner of 2018) and the extremely popular baristas (marihooo22 and michelle_coffeestop) whose latte art talents have garnered hundreds of fans from allover Japan and even the world. They are very friendly as well, always willing to take a photo together with their fans.

Contrasting with the well-lit Kitahama cafe, the Kyoto version has a dark exterior with a cozier interior. This is mostly due to the smaller windows compared to the full-glass panel facade in Kitahama. Inside, the cafe is somehow divided into two sections with a glass barrier in the middle, purely for aesthetic or sound damping as their office is in the back. In the back of the cafe is a massive concrete counter, which seems to be the trend nowadays, where you can make your order. Sadly no schoolbus keychains here as some people seem to have thought those were souvenirs to go.

Spread throughout the cafe are a couple of plants and the School Bus iconic table-lamps have also found a place on the counter alongside the windows similar to Kitahama. While Kyoto’s branch also has a bookshelf, it’s not as prominent and huge like the one in Kitahama.

School Bus renovations did it again and created a lovely cafe although I really wish the location would be more convenient.


電話番号 075-406-5002
住所 京都府京都市中京区大文字町244
営業時間 09:00~21:00
定休日 無休(GW、夏季、冬季休暇有)
最寄駅 京阪線 神宮丸太町駅
駐車場 有、近くにコインパーキングあります
駐輪場 有、お店の前
禁煙 完全禁煙

京阪線 神宮丸太町駅からのアクセス

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