Sakimoto Bakery Kyoto


高級食パン嵜本のチェーンの新しい支店「高級食パン専門店 嵜本 京都三条鴨川店」へようこそ。 

Welcome to Sakimoto Bakery Kyoto, a new branch of the Sakimoto Bakery chain.


As with the Namba branch, the exterior of the cafe is quite stylish. Because it’s located in Kyoto the cafe uses a lot more wood in their exterior which makes it all the more stylish.


Their interior is definitely an upgrade compared to the Namba store. One of the walls in the cafe has a real red brick finish. The furniture is also of higher quality compared to their other stores.


Their food is absolutely fantastic. They offer the usual Jam & bread plate where you can choose up to 3 flavors of Jam that comes a long with a slice of toasted bread. The Kyoto branch also offers a slice of bread with different toppings, which doesn’t only look delicious, they absolutely are delicious.


As with their Namba store they also sell their original flavor jams here. The Kyoto branch also offers other items including their single sliced flavored-bread and some sweets.


店名 高級食パン専門店 嵜本 京都三条鴨川店
電話番号 075-744-1930
住所 京都府京都市左京区川端通三条上ル法林寺門前町36-3
営業時間 11:00~19:00
定休日 不定休 ※営業時間・定休日は変更となる場合がございますので、ご来店前に店舗にご確認ください。
最寄駅 京阪線 三条駅
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