RanRan is a ‘new’ Japanese style cafe in Minami Ibaraki that specializes in sweet potato products. It opened its doors in June 2020. Ranran used to be in a shopping street in Ibaraki and was famous for its shaved ice.


They have changed their concept and now sell candied sweet potato, sweet potato cakes and sweet potato flavored ice cream.


The exterior and interior of the shop have a minimal and Japanese style design with noren (small curtains) and sliding glass doors.


Ranran’s icecream and sweet potato cakes are absolutely magnificent and heavily recommended.


Ranran’s interior is spacious and can seat up to 12 people. There are also some terrace seats available outside.


This shop is extremely popular and some items might sell out soon so we heavily recommend coming early.


店名 らんらん
電話番号 072-638-0473
住所 大阪府茨木市真砂1-7-25
営業時間 10:00~19:00
イートイン 12:00~18:30(L.O)
定休日 水曜日 ※営業時間・定休日は変更となる場合がございますので、ご来店前に店舗にご確認ください。
最寄駅 阪急京都線 南茨木駅
駐車場 無 
駐輪場 お店の前
禁煙 完全禁煙

阪急京都線 南茨木駅からのアクセス

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