Modo Di Ponte Vecchio



Located on a short walk from JR Osaka or Umeda station is this very high class Italian restaurant “Modo Di Ponte Vecchio”, that sits on the 30th floor and offers a splendid view over the Osaka skyline.


The owner “Daisuke Yamane” studied about modern Italian cuisine directly from the Michelin-starred chef Gualtiero Marchesi for 2 years in Italy before coming back to Japan and opening Modo Di Ponte Vecchio which is really evident in the amazing taste of Modo di Ponte Vecchio’s cuisine. That in combination with the Japanese presentation of the food, you will be in for a great experience.


With its white and modern interior Modo Di Ponte Vecchio offers a luxurious dinner from a menu that is customized according to the season. Enjoy eating your dinner with live piano music in the background while watching the glittering Osaka skyline.


Modo Di Ponte Vecchio also offers private rooms that can be reserved for an extra fee. Ideal for couples who would like some privacy on their date or wedding anniversary.


店名 モード ディ ポンテベッキオ
電話番号 06-4795-8888
住所 大阪府 大阪市北区 梅田 3-3-20 明治安田生命大阪梅田ビル 30F
営業時間 11:30~14:00 18:00~21:30
定休日 不定休
最寄駅 JR大阪駅



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