Micasadeco&Cafe Kyoto


阪急京都線の河原町駅から徒歩6分ぐらいに抹茶パンケーキで有名な「ミカサデコ&カフェ キョウト」があります。

Only six minutes by foot from Kyoto Kawaramachi station is ‘Micasadeco&cafe Kyoto’, a cafe famous for it’s matcha pancakes.

大阪の難波エレアから始まって「ミカサデコ&カフェ キョウト」はミカサデコの3店舗目です。難波のお店がとても人気になってから東京で2店目がオープンしました。2年後に京都に3店目と香港にも1店をオープンしました。

Micasadeco&cafe Kyoto is Micasadeco’s third branch with the first one in Osaka’s Namba area. The shop became extremely popular which followed in opening their second branch in Tokyo’s Jingumae district with two years later the third one in Kyoto and also even a fourth one in Hong Kong.


Micasadeco”s building is a renovated Japanese house. Located in Kyoto thus as per regulations is it’s exterior a typical Japanese style, however upon entering and passing through a long tight corridor you will find the total opposite.


The cafe has an art deco style interior with pastel colored walls and various clashing elements. It has seats for around 60 persons which is huge. There is a choice between sofa and normal seats with one exception for two tables in the back with a view over a typical Japanese garden.

There is also a vip room.

店名 ミカサデコ&カフェ キョウト
電話番号 075-606-5307
住所 京都府京都市中京区梅屋町480
営業時間 9:00~19:00(L.O. 18:00)


定休日 不定休 ※営業時間・定休日は変更となる場合がございますので、ご来店前に店舗にご確認ください。
最寄駅 阪急線 京都河原町駅
禁煙 完全禁煙

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