Jun & Pepper’s Cafe



Opened in December 2017, this cafe is the latest addition of an increasing wave of trendy cafe’s in Ibaraki.


Situated on the second floor, this cafe is somewhat a hidden gem along the busy road that connects Hankyuu and JR Ibaraki station and behind Ibaraki Cityhall. It’s a good 8 minute walk from either JR or Hankyuu Ibaraki station.


The cafe with modern interior has big windows that let in a lot of sunlight, numerous stylish cushions spread around the cafe and the American radio playing in the background that makes for a pleasant and comfortable stay.


The main menu are pancakes but other dishes are available as well. The pancakes are some of the best available in Osaka. They look and taste great as you can see from the pictures.


Jun & Pepper’s name is a combination of Jun (The owner’s name) and his English teacher’s name Pepper when he studied abroad in America. His English is great so don’t hesitate to start a conversation with him in English.


店名 ジュンアンドペッパーズカフェ
電話番号 072-697-8451
住所 大阪府茨木市駅前3-6-2 BOX 5F
営業時間 「火〜日」
定休日 月曜日
最寄駅 阪急茨木駅
他の駅 JR茨木駅
駐車場 コインパーキング
駐輪場 無し
禁煙 完全禁煙
インスタグラム   食べログ  





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