‘Granknot Coffee’ is an extremely well known cafe and coffee specialty shop that is located in the Yotsubashi district.

Located in the popular Yotsubashi district right next to Shinsaibashi, is cafe and coffee specialty shop ‘Granknot Coffee’. The cafe has a narrow but a deep interior that is slightly out of sight behind the counter. So it might be a little bit difficult to see if there is space to sit inside the cafe at first glance. There are two large tables in the back of the cafe so there is no lack of seats. On top of that are a couple of wall-mounted tables next to the counter and some chairs outside in front of the cafe.


Besides coffee, Granknot sells delicious freshly baked sweets that come from West Wood Bakers in the nearby Shinsaibashi district.


The shop also sells it’s own brand of coffee. So this is definitely the perfect place for coffee lovers.


店名 グランノットコーヒー
電話番号 06-6531-6020
住所 大阪府大阪市西区北堀江1-23-4 長野ビル 1F
営業時間 11:00~18:00


定休日 木曜日
最寄駅 四つ橋線 四ツ橋駅
他の駅 御堂筋線 心斎橋駅
禁煙 完全禁煙


四つ橋線 四ツ橋駅6番出口からのアクセス


御堂筋線 心斎橋駅8番出口からのアクセス

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