wad omotenashi cafe

WAD Omotenashi Cafe is a lovely Japanese style cafe not far from Shinsaibashi station where you can really enjoy Japanese style tea and sweets using handmade Japanese style ceramics that are being sold in the adjacent gallery/shop.

It’s interesting to find a Japanese style (WaFuu) cafe in the middle of the bustling Shinsaibashi shopping streets as opposed to the more fitting Kyoto background.

It’s a very nice and calm cafe that sports a very minimal style Japanese interior and is connected with a shop that displays and sells Japanese ceramics. WAD Omotenashi Cafe is truly a lovely cafe where you can feel and taste the traditional Japan atmosphere if you don’t want or can’t go to Kyoto.


Shopname wad omotenashi cafe
Phone 06-4708-3616
Address 大阪府大阪府大阪市中央区南船場4-9-3 東進ビル 2F
Opening Hours 13:00~20:00(LO19:30)
Holidays Irregular
Nearest Station Midosujiline Shinsaibashi Station
Other nearby stations Midosujiline Hommachi Station
Car parking No
Bicycle Parking Yes
No Smoking Yes



Access from Midosujiline Shinsaibashi Station exit 3


Access from Midosujiline Hommachi Station Exit 13

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