Bar d’Arome

Talking about hidden gems, bar D’Arome is literally a bar hidden away in the fancy Kitahama district.

The moment you find the entrance, it feels like you’ve discovered a hidden door to another world. The narrow exterior interior hallway leads to a fancy door with a streetlamp next to it. Did we end up in 1920 London?

Opening the door, your welcomed to one a tiny but extremely cozy bar that serves mainly whisky and wine among other beverages.

You can sit either at the counter and enjoy a nice talk with the owner or enjoy some privacy at the tables upstairs on the second floor.


Shopname Bar d’Arome
Phone 06-4706-0101
Address 大阪府大阪市北浜3-3-14</ br>
Opening hours 16:00 ~ 01:00
Open on Sunday
Day Off Wednesday、New Year
Nearest Station 淀屋橋駅
Other nearby stations 堺筋線北浜駅
Parking No
Bicycle parking Yes
Smoking Yes


Route from Yodoyabashi station Exit 18


Route from Kitahama Station Exit 2

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