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Located in Tezukayama in the Abeno district is ‘Cozy Coffee Spot’, a trendy ‘skateboard’ cafe with a spacious interior.

The cafe is located on a two minute walk from either Kitabatake station or Himematsu station on the Hankaidenki Umeachi tramline that runs between Tennoji and Sumiyoshi.

You can easily spot the cafe from far away with it’s big arrow that says ‘COFFEE’ in big yellow letters hanging above the entrance. Cozy Coffee Spot used to have a narrower interior but they have recently bought the space next door and expanded their shop with additional seating and a small common goods shop.

The cafe has a bench near the counter. The seating area has a large table in the middle with a few smaller tables next to the windows. There is also a table with a variety of common goods and coffee making equipement for sale.

It’s a great place to relax. The atmosphere is really comfortable due to the big windows in the front and in the atrium that let in a lot of natural light.

The food and drinks are also great. They serve a fantastic Grilled BLT that comes with salad, boiled egg and yoghurt and they serve a fantastic hot cocoa.

We really recommend visiting Cozy Coffee Shop and it7s very friendly staff.


店名 コジー コーヒー スポット
電話番号 06-7710-7062
住所 大阪府大阪市阿倍野区帝塚山1-7-3
営業時間 8:00~19:00 (L.O.18:30)


定休日 火曜日
最寄駅 阪堺電気軌道 北畠駅
駐輪場 お店の前
禁煙 完全禁煙

阪堺電気軌道 北畠駅からのアクセス

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