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そのなかでもアボカドバーガーとポテトのトリュフマヨソースがとても人気です。本当にバーガーセットは見た目だけではなく味も最高です。’s “Best Burger 2018” winner ‘Cafe Sik’ or presumably Cafe “Chiq” but with a more stylish spelling? is a very stylish and cozy cafe that mixes Eastern and Western elements in their interior as well as their menu.

Cafe Sik’s stands out in the neighborhood with its stylish red brick exterior mixed with black accents. The big windows give you a lovely view of the interior making you want to hop inside for a better look.

Hopped inside, you will be welcomed by a warm and cozy interior that mixes Eastern and Western elements. French style rattan chairs surrounded by pop art and Vietnamese or Thai decoration.

In the front of the cafe is stylish living-room table surrounded by large comfortable sofas near the window. There are a couple of 2 person tables in the middle and in the back of the cafe you can find one of the stylishest (is that a word) private rooms in a cafe in Osaka.

The private room feels like a luxurious livingroom with 2 comfortable sofa’s, a few comfortable 1 person sofa’s, a fireplace and a view over the cafe’s terrace and Utsubo park as a backdrop.

Cafe Sik’s menu has either Chinese food or a variety of burger plates. Here it becomes really interesting. The burger plates are a gorgeous mix of burger, vegetables and fries. You can choose the type of burger (e.g. avocado burger) you want and which type of sauce you want with your fries.

We tried them all and we can heavily recommend the avocado burger with truffle mayonnaise sauce. The burgerplate doesn’t only look fantastic it also tastes fantastic.

Definitely one the most stylish cafes in Osaka with the best burgers.



店名 カフェ シック
電話番号 050-5596-5737
住所 大阪府大阪市西区京町堀1-14-27
営業時間 [平日]
定休日 月曜日、ただし月曜日が祝日の場合は営業、翌平日が定休となります
最寄駅 四ツ橋線 肥後橋駅
他の駅 御堂筋線 本町駅
駐車場 近隣にコインパーキング、公共駐車場あり
駐輪場 有、お店の前
禁煙 完全禁煙

四ツ橋線 肥後橋駅7番出口からのアクセス

御堂筋線 本町駅からのアクセス

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