梅田から一駅や御堂筋線中津駅から徒歩5分ぐらいに、素敵なあんこ専門店「アンコヤ ペ」があります。

アンコヤペは改装された キタの北ナガヤのシェアスペース「キタナガKITCHEN」にあります。毎日違うテナントがシェアスペースを貸していますから「アンコヤ ペ」は月に2・3回の月曜日だけオープンしています。





Ankoyape is a great little shop that sells Azuki (red bean paste) and monaka, in Kitanokitagaya area in Nakatsu, only 5 minutes from Midosuji Nakatsu station and one trainstop from Umeda.

The shop is located in the recently renovated Kitanokitagaya area and is set in a shared space ‘Kitanaga Kitchen’ that is rented out to a different tenant each day. This means that Ankoyape is open only on 2 or 3 Monday’s a month.

The Kitanaga building block has a few different shops and even a hostel. Hood by Vargas is located in this alley as well.

Ankoyape is as the word Anko (red (azuki) bean paste) already says a shop that sells Red bean paste and Monaka. Monaka is a Japanese sweet made of azuki bean jam filling, sandwiched between two thin crisp wafers made from mochi.

The monaka are in the shape of cute curled up cats (say that ten times quickly) and are available in two flavors: azuki and nuts or azuki and strawberry. Both are absolutely fantastic, even for non-azuki lovers.

Strawberry might only be available in a certain season, so please confirm before visiting.


店名 あんこや ぺ
住所 大阪府大阪市北区中津1-15-35 キタナガKITCHEN
営業時間 月2.3回月曜日
定休日 火~日曜日
最寄駅 御堂筋線 中津駅
禁煙 完全禁煙

御堂筋線 中津駅2番出口からのアクセス

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