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ジャムはこんなにおしゃれの商品で信じられなかった。今回は高級パン屋さんとジャムの専門店「&Jam by Sakimoto」を紹介したいと思います。




ジャムはみつのシリーズがあります「’Jewel Jam フルーツ、Jewel Jam ミルクと Jewel Jam Japonisme’。各シリーズに複数のフレーバーがあります。16種類のフレーバーがあります「ストロベリーガーネット、ブルーベリーサファイア」からもう少しいユニークなフレーバー「ミルクバターパール、ピスタチオパール、ラムレーズンパール」ととても特徴なフレーバー「琥珀きなこ、黒ごま真珠、翡翠抹茶」など。大人気なので様々なフレーバーがよく売り切っています。



とても良い経験で、ジャムもとても美味しいので「&Jam by Sakimoto」はおすすめのお店です。

Who knew Jam could be this trendy. Introducing ‘&Jam by Sakimoto’, a high class bakery that is specialized in all sorts of uniquely flavored Jams.

‘&Jam’ is a high class bakery and cafe located in an alley between Namba and Nipponbashi stations. Opposite of &Jam is a colorful artsy place for instagrammers so you wont miss it.

The exterior of &Jam is a stylish grey concrete wall with wooden window and door elements with plants in front. On the left of the entrance their big bread shaped logo is painted on the wall, so you can’t miss it.

Entering the cafe, you will find the sitting area on the left and the counter and jam shop on the right. You can either eat in or you can buy jars of jam to bring home or as a gift for someone. Yes, these jams make a great gift.

&Jam’s jams are divided in 3 series: ‘Jewel Jam Fruit, Jewel Jam Milk and Jewel Jam Japonisme’ with each serie containing their own variety of flavors. There are 16 flavors in total: “Strawberry Garnet, Blueberry Sapphire to the more unique ‘Milk Butter Pearl, Pistachio Pearl, Rum & Raisin Pearl to the very rare Kohaku Kinako, Kurogoma Shinju, Hisui Matcha etc. Don’t be surprised if some flavors are sold out. They are extremely popular.

We highly recommend pistachio pearl.

If you decide to eat in you can choose the type of bread you want along with 3 flavors of jam of your choice. You will receive one big slice of toasted bread with 3 spoons of jam and a spoon of butter stylishly placed on a wooden board. Enough jam for the whole slice of bread, although you might want a little bit more jam to taste. We did, so we bought a jar to go.

We really recommend this unique experience and the jam’s wonderful taste.


店名 &jam by SAKImoto
電話番号 06-6634-6600
住所 大阪府大阪市浪速区難波中2-2-6
営業時間 9:00-19:00


定休日 不定休
最寄駅 難波駅
他の駅 堺筋線 日本橋駅
禁煙 完全禁煙


堺筋線 日本橋駅からのアクセス

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