Red Brick 1898

Red Brick 1898 is a very spacious casual style cafe and restaurant located at the pier of Kobe Harborland nearby Mosaic shopping center and Anpanman museum.

Situated in a 120-year old brick warehouse building, the cafe/restaurant offers a relaxing space with a high ceiling, filled with interior plants. Apart from the usual table seats does Red Brick also offer sofa seats.

The cafe is connected directly with FELICE.KOBE interior shop.


店名 RED BRICK 1898
電話番号 050-5593-6496
住所 兵庫県神戸市中央区東川崎町1-5-5 神戸煉瓦倉庫倉庫HARBOR STORES南棟C区画
最寄駅 | Nearest station JR神戸駅 | JR Kobe station
駐車場 | Parking 無し | No
駐輪場 | Bicycle parking 不明 | Unknown
禁煙 | Smoking 完全禁煙  | No
定休日 | Day Off 水曜日 | Wednesday
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